Respect, Readiness & Responsibility

Philosophy: Since 1958, Susan B. Anthony Middle School has been providing challenging and rewarding experiences for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. Our goal is that through academic excellence, along with respect, readiness, and responsibility, students will reach their highest potential.

Mission: Anthony Middle School develops interactive, compassionate, and principled learners who strive for excellence, embrace differences and act responsibly within our communities and the world.













Wednesday, October 22

5:00 PM

210 W. 49th St.   55419


Wednesday, October 29

6:30 PM

3414 W. 47th St.   55410


Wednesday, November 5

6:30 PM

1500 James Ave. N.   55411


Thursday, November 6

6:30 PM

4320 Newton Ave. N.   55412


Thursday, November 16

5:30 PM

700 22nd Ave. NE   55419


Wednesday, Nov 19

6:30 PM

4029 28th Ave. S.   55406


Thursday, November 20

6:30 PM

3131 19th Ave. S.   55407




The general standards of appearance for all students are that they be clean, neat, and properly dressed.


The cut of any top of clothing must not be revealing. Tank tops, spaghetti straps, tube tops or tops that expose bra straps or midriffs are not to be allowed. Clothing must be of sufficient length and fit for proper coverage while engaged in normal activities of walking, standing, sitting and leaning. (Use the thumb rule: standing with arms at your side, the hem of shorts or skirts should not be higher than where your thumb rest on the leg).

Sagging is NOT all owed. The top of your pants need to be at your waist.

*Note: When inappropriate clothing is worn by a student; he/she will be asked to change into clothing provided by Anthony Middle School, or clothes brought from home that fit the dress code.

Other Items:

Hats, scarves, pajamas, and doo rags are not allowed. Articles of clothing that display wording related to drugs, off-color connotations, or gang related association, are strictly prohibited.

If altercations over the dress code become a continuing issue, consequences will be discussed and parents will be involved in how we will proceed with the dress code violations.

Bus Pass Information
If your student wants to ride home on a bus different than their assigned bus, or if they normally walk and wish to ride the bus home with a student, we need a note signed by the student's parent/guardian with the following information:
  • Your student's name;
  • The date your student has permission to ride a different bus home;  
  • The name of the student they are going home with and the destination address and telephone number; and the bus number. 
The note should be turned in to the main office before school starts for the bus pass to be issued.  Your student may pick up the pass in the office at the end of the day.  We cannot issue a bus pass by verbal authorization- they will only be issued with a note.  This will help us assure that your student arrives safely at their destination.
Minnesota-Grown Thursdays

School Lunch on the first Thursday of every month will feature seasonal Minnesota-grown ingredients.

Anthony Student Directory

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To register online, please follow the link:

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If you miss school for any reason, please have a parent call 668-3271 to report the absence.  If you need to be picked up early for an appointment, please have a parent sign a note indicating the time and reason and bring it to attendance before homeroom for approval.   Parents PLEASE limit early pickups.  Students need every minute of education.  Also emergency phone calls only so teachers are not interrupted.
It’s that time of the year!  All students must be up to date on their immunizations.   Seventh graders need to have a second Varicella vaccine and a Tetanus booster (DTAP, TD, TDAP).  Letters will be going out soon if your student is not up to date.  If you receive a letter but your student has recently had immunizations, please send a copy of the shot record to the health office or ask your doctor to fax us at 612-668-3250.
Illness and Sending Your Child to School
One of the goals of health services is to assure a healthy environment. Many students and families are frequently concerned about when students should stay home or attend school.
To protect other students and staff all parents should keep their child(ren) home from school when the child has any of the following conditions:
·         Fever - greater than 100°F within the past 24 hours (before fever reducing medications are given) or the child is not feeling well or is unable to participate in normal daily activities.
·         Diarrhea within the past 24 hours.
·         Vomiting within the past 24 hours.
·         Rash with fever or behavior change that is undiagnosed.
·         Untreated head lice (they may be in school once treatment has started).
·         Eye drainage.
·         Unusual color of skin, eyes, stool or urine.
Please report all suspected or diagnosed illnesses to the school. The Health Office should be notified when a student has a communicable condition such as chicken pox, strep throat, shingles, or head lice so appropriate measures may be taken.