-dict Weekly Handout

PDF -dict visuals   --  These are the pictures that go with the word bank words. We used them to figure out the meaning of the words.
PDF -dict doodle notes   --  This is a scan of some of the notes that I took about the word bank words. Students have their own version, but are welcome to check mine out!
PDF -dict blue sheet MEDIUM/SPICY   --  This is the back side of the homework. Don't have naked sentences! Give them some periods!
PDF -dict blue sheet MILD version   --  This is the back side of the MILD homework. Finish the sentences with great details. Don't forget periods! They are the underwear of sentences!
PDF sentence starters: help with VISUALIZING R.R.   --  This is a help sheet to help figure out what to write for the VISUALIZING Reader's Response. Remember, this time you hand in the blue sheet, a DRAWING and your 3 paragraphs. Your drawing is not about great art as much as it is about giving an idea of the pictures in your head. Use labels, words, color, whatever you need to do...
PDF Visualization Template   --  This is a blank that students CAN use for their visualization Reader's Response. It is optional but helps you remember that your drawing should fill the page! (Don't forget, you can make your drawing concrete, abstract or both.