-hydr Weekly Homework

PDF Ms. B.'s hydr- notes   --  These are the notes I took looking at the hydr- visuals.
PDF hydr- visuals   --  These are the pictures we looked at to figure out the meanings of the words.
PDF -hydr blue sheet MILD version   --  Don't forget to add enough details! MEH: Erika hoped to excel at school. (All you added was "school" and a period.) WOW!: Erika hoped to excel at school in her math class and so she studied hard and took good notes. (Added "school" but also some details that make the meaning of the target word clear.) (AND a period!)
PDF hydr root sheet MED/SPICY version   --  Look at these examples for the word "hydrology." MEH: I studied hydrology. (I know you know it is is something you study and it does have a subject and a predicate.) WOW!: I studied hydrology and learned about the water cycle and how rivers and glaciers shape the earth. (Now I know you know it is something you study, but also some details about what kinds of things you study AND that it has something to do with water.)