-ject Weekly Homework

PDF -ject root sheet MILD version   --  This is a PDF of the back side of the mild homework.
PDF -ject root sheep MEDIUM and SPICY versions   --  This is a PDF of the back side of the weekly homework. You may use other versions of the word bank word, for example, inject instead of injection.
PDF Ms. B's ject doodle notes   --  This is my copy of the notes based on the visual examples of the word bank words for the root -ject.
PDF -ject visuals   --  This is a PDF of the visuals we used to figure out the meaning of the -ject word bank words and how they connect to the meaning "throw."
PDF Element Reading Response Sentence Starter Sheet   --  This is the purple help page that goes with the Element Reader's Response. Elements are just the essential parts of a story. You need to talk about the way they appear in the book you are reading using the technical vocabulary. Definitions can be found on the Rollercoaster Notes Sheet.
document Rollercoaster Notes Sheet   --  This has definitions of many of the different elements of a story.