-luc/-lum weekly Homework

PDF luc/lum root sheet MILD version   --  This is a PDF of the back side of the blue sheet. I added extra notes about the difference between lucid and pellucid on the main homework section.
PDF luc lum root sheet MEDIUM and SPICY version   --  This is a PDF of the back of the blue worksheet.
PDF Md. B.s doodle notes   --  This is a PDF of the notes I took based on the visual word clues. (Students should have taken their own.) Feel free to use mine if you were absent, or if you want to make yours better!
PDF luc lum visuals   --  This is a PDF of the pictures we used as visual clues to figure out the word bank words.
PDF Journal Reading Response Help   --  This is a PDF of the handout with sentence starters for the Journal Entry Response Entry. If you are doing a book, like Diary of a Wimpy Kid, that is already a journal entry, you will probably want to do a different character other than the protagonist. Don't forget, part of what I am looking for is how you organize your ideas!