-mit Weekly Homework

PDF -mit visuals   --  This is a PDF of the pictures we looked at to figure out the meanings of the words.
PDF Ms. B's Doodle Notes for -mit   --  This is my version of the notes for the -mit words. Words with -mit have a connection to "send." Also, changing the -t at the end of the verb form to -ssion will change it from a verb to a noun.
document Simile/Metaphor Reader Response Help   --  This has sentence starters to help you figure out what to write for your Reader's Response.
PDF -mit root sheet MED/SPICY version   --  Don't forget to make sentences detailed enough to show the meaning! MEH: We objected to the decision. GOOD: We objected to the decision to keep the old car, because it was unreliable and cost a lot to repair.
PDF -mit root sheet MILD version   --  Don't forget periods!!!