-Scrib/-Scrip Weekly Homework

This was assigned 10/2 and is due 10/9.

The root is -scrib/-scrip which means "write." Look for the pattern -ption as a noun ending and -be as a verb ending!

The Reader's Response is to write about how a character changes. If your book does not have characters (some non-fiction, poetry, etc.) then think of a book you are familiar with that DOES have characters. Just explain to me in the first paragraph why you made that choice.

PDF Ms. B's scrib/scrip notes   --  This is a PDF of my copy of the visual notes we took.
PDF -scrib/-scrip visuals for word bank   --  This is a PDF of the words in the word bank with visual clues to help figure out what the words mean.
PDF HW scrib/scrip MILD version   --  Don't forget PERIODS! Also, use more details: "A doctor prescribed medicine," is a very meh sentence! It will get some points, but not the most points. "A doctor prescribed medicine for me when I was sick with strep throat," is a MUCH better sentence! If you only add one or two words, it is not enough!
PDF HW scrib/scrip MED/SPICY versions   --  If you are writing 8 sentences with yourself as the subject, it won't be much harder to throw in a couple more sentences to connect them and turn it into a story! Go for SPICY!