-Scrib/-Scrip Weekly Homework

This was assigned 10/2 and is due 10/9.

The root is -scrib/-scrip which means "write." Look for the pattern -ption as a noun ending and -be as a verb ending!

The Reader's Response is to write about a significant moment. This is like what we did in class for "The Parsley Garden." Just remember to explain WHY it was important and HOW the character or plot changed because of the moment you picked.

PDF Ms. B's scrib/scrip notes   --  This is a PDF of my copy of the visual notes we took.
PDF -scrib/-scrip visuals for word bank   --  This is a PDF of the words in the word bank with visual clues to help figure out what the words mean.
PDF HW scrib/scrip MILD version   --  Don't forget PERIODS! Also, use more details: "A doctor prescribed medicine," is a very meh sentence! It will get some points, but not the most points. "A doctor prescribed medicine for me when I was sick with strep throat," is a MUCH better sentence! If you only add one or two words, it is not enough!
PDF HW scrib/scrip MED/SPICY versions   --  If you are writing 8 sentences with yourself as the subject, it won't be much harder to throw in a couple more sentences to connect them and turn it into a story! Go for SPICY!
PDF Help Sheet for Significant Moment R.R.   --  This is the sentence starters that go with the Significant Moment Reader's Response. Remember, you need to identify the Significant Moment, but you ALSO need to say WHY. If you can still ask the question, "So what?" it probably needs more explanation.