Welcome to 6th Grade Intro to French

6th Grade Exploratory French - Trimester One


Please feel free to email me with questions at ElizabethA.Miller@mpls.k12.mn.us


Welcome to exploratory French - 6th grade! We will learn some basics in French this quarter including: greetings, introducing oneself, numbers, basic classroom vocabulay, and family members. Most weeks we will have homework. It is assigned on Monday and due on Thursday. I attach a copy here and leave it for the entire quarter. Also, I will post some important information, like test and project due dates. 

I am excited to be teaching you French this trimester! Bienvenue!! Mme. Miller

To demonstrate that you have read this, please write the name of your favorite ice cream on your student questionnaire "Getting to know you" before turning it in on Friday, September 1.