Books for Middle School

These are my impressions of some of the things I know teens are (or should be!) reading. I am just telling you what I think, it is not necessariy an endorsement. If you don't think your parents will approve of the content, THEN DON'T READ IT! (And don't tell them I said you should read it!) Click on the title to read my thoughts.

On 1/1/14, I changed this so that it is now sorted aphabetically instead of by when I read it and wrote the reviews. This will make it easier in some ways, but it also means that there might be reviews that have sequels or movies and I haven't updated it. I will include the date of my newest posts. I will leave my newest posts at the top for a little while, then move them.


The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill

Every year, the youngest child in the Protectorate is abandoned in the woods as a tribute to the "Witch." But when Luna is left in the woods, it sets in motion a chain of events involving a witch, a swamp creature, a very tiny but simply enormous dragon, a sorrow eater, paper birds and magic from moonlight.

A Mango Shaped Space by Wendy Mass

Mia is thirteen and worries people will call her a freak. Why? Because she sees letters, numbers and sounds as colors and has realized that not everyone sees the world this way. Then she finds out she has a rare neurological condition called synesthesia, where the sensory parts of the brain are interconnected.

A Single Shard by Linda Sue Park (NEWBERY WINNER)

Set in 12th Century Korea, Tree Ear wants to be a potter and starts working for a master potter. He ends up traveling across the country to present his master's work to the king.

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