Books for Middle School

These are my impressions of some of the things I know teens are (or should be!) reading. I am just telling you what I think, it is not necessariy an endorsement. If you don't think your parents will approve of the content, THEN DON'T READ IT! (And don't tell them I said you should read it!) Click on the title of the book to read my thoughts about that book.

On 1/1/14, I changed this so that it is now sorted aphabetically instead of by when I read it and wrote the reviews. This will make it easier in some ways, but it also means that there might be reviews that have sequels or movies and I haven't updated it. I will include the date of my newest posts. I will leave my newest posts at the top for a little while, then move them.


Wings of Fire: The Dragonet Prophecy (series) by Tui Sutherland

The first book in a series, this book introduces us to the five dragonets of legend. They have been gathered as eggs by the Talons of Peace, a group of dragons from different tribes who want to raise them to end a bitter war for the right to rule one of the tribes. Clay, Tsunami, Glory, Sunny and Starflight represent five of the different groups of dragons, all of which have different cultures and different abilities. Will they be able to end the war and bring peace to the dragon kingdoms?

The Eternal City by Paula Morris

Laura Martin is thrilled to be on the school trip to Rome, a city she has always longed to visit. When mysterious things start happening, she and some of her fellow students are stuck trying to stop a battle between the ancient gods.

Akata Witch by Nnedi Okorafor

Sunny is an anomaly- a half-American albino growing up in Nigeria. Then she finds out that she is one of the Leopard People, a group of magical beings with amazing powers. She and her three new friends are expected to stop the magical killer Black Hat Otokoto and save the world.

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