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Indian Boarding Schools
Indian Boarding Schools-Before and After

Welcome to I & S - U.S. Studies Studies!   Homework will be assigned at the beginning of each week and will be due at the end of the week.  For Homework help: Students can make arrangements with me for help during lunch, before school, or after school.

Homework for Qtr 2:

*Caning of Senator Sumner-Political Cartoon Homework (out Tuesday 11/7) due on Friday 11/10!

*Harriet Tubman or Fredrick Douglass Educational Poster Homework due Friday 11/17!

* No Homework the week of November 20th

*Grant & Lee Compare and Contrast Homework due Friday 12/1!

* The Civil War notebook check is Thursday12/14 and the test is Friday 12/15!  Finish your cornell notes and study for the test!