About My Teacher

I am excited this year to be teaching some 6th grade and some 7th grade for the fourth year! I am so lucky that I get to team with some marvelous teachers! I have been teaching in Minneapolis for a while (this will be my 19th year in the district and my 21st as a teacher!) I still love teaching middle school!

I am a self-confessed nerd and will be happy to discuss my favorite geeky books, graphic novels and let you know when the upcoming Dr. Who fan club meetings are.

I have four kids- I am still wrapping my head around the fact that I am a Grandma- Harmony had her first birthday in August. My oldest kid is her mother and had a busy year working as a counsellor, raising an active child and getting married. My next oldest lives in Mankato working and figuring out life. The next youngest is working and getting his motorcycle license, which he is super excited about. Finally, my youngest is in 8th grade here at Anthony. We will be figuring out the whole registering for high school thing this year! 

In addition to being a teacher, I am a Girl Scout leader, knit, crochet, make art, read and help my parents with their resort business.