American School Counselor Association

American School Counselor Association National Model

The American School Counselor Association (ASCA) recommends school counselors develop a plan each year to organize the school counseling program. A comprehensive school counseling program is comprised of four main areas, as recommended by ASCA. The four quadrants of a successful program are: Foundation, Delivery, Management, and Accountability. Listed below are the quadrants and the ways in which the counseling program at Anthony will utilize those four areas to best support the needs of the students and the school.




Anthony Middle School’s mission is to develop interactive, compassionate, and principled learners who strive for excellence, embrace differences and act responsibly within our communities and the world.

The mission of the school counseling program is aligned with the school’s mission by creating a comprehensive program that focuses on assessing the needs of all students, in order to help them develop into principled learners.  This will help all students to learn at their full potential and strive for excellence at school and in life.

The American School Counseling Association (ASCA) has developed a framework, standards, and benchmarks that help to measure the effectiveness of a school counseling program.  It is with this framework that a comprehensive school counseling is built and managed.



The school counselor will be an integral part of the Anthony team by delivering classroom lessons, providing support to administrators, teachers and support staff, and by being part of a student support team.

  • School Guidance Curriculum

  • Responsive Services

  • Individual Student Planning


Systemic Support

  • Scheduling

  • AVID

  • Instructional Leadership Team

  • Assessment Support

  • Career Fair

  • Professional Development



  • Advisory Council

  • Calendars

  • Annual Agreement

  • Data Driven



Use of time through Direct Student Services and Indirect Student Services.

Direct Student Services Include:

  • Developmental Guidance (My Life Plan)

  • Individual Counseling, Mediation, Parent/Teacher Referrals

  • Individual Student Planning

Indirect Student Services include:

  • Systemic Support including AVID coordination, supervision, assessment coordination, & ILT

  • Scheduling Students in Classes