Beginning Band 6

Band will focus on the fundamentals of playing and performing on the students' chosen band instrument.  We will also learn how to listen to and write about music and study music theory and music history.

Band Syllabus

Band Lesson Calendar


6th Grade Beginners - What should I be getting better at?

SMART Goals/Practice Log

Flutes: How to hold the flute  Flute Embochure  Flute Articulation

Clarinets: Clarinet Embochure  Clarinet Tongue Position  Clarinet Articulation

Saxophones: How to hold the saxophone  Saxophone Embochure & Articulation

Trumpet: How to hold & form embochure  Using proper air Trumpet articulation

Trombone: How to form the embochure (with first 5 notes)  Trombone articulation

Tuba: Embochure  Tuba Articulation

Percussion: Grip and basic stroke Single stroke roll