In this space, you will find information and documents which will help you complete classwork at home if you were absent, didn't finish or didn't turn it in... This will link to Ms. Taylor's webpage (the other 7th grade ELA teacher.) Here you can find recordings of her reading the class stories with instructions about how to chart your text.

This link will take you to a site where you can print your own graph paper. They have lots of different kinds besides plain squares!

PDF Outline for the Letter to John Lewis   --  This is the outline for what the letter to John Lewis should include. You do not need to print it- just share it with me on GoogleDocs. I will print them and we will add signatures in class.
PDF Plessy v. Ferguson Article and Analysis   --  We worked on the article in class. Then explain the cartoon USING INFORMATION FROM THE ARTICLE!
PDF Plessy v. Ferguson Vocabulary   --  This was the glossary of words we used to figure out the (tough) article.
PDF The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell   --  This is the story we read in class.
PDF Notes for Sound and Music Words   --  This is a resource for you to use if you are spicing up your vocabulary with sound and music. You can also use the music words as similes and metaphors!
PDF Notes for Words for Taste and Smell   --  This is a resource for students to use with various types of writing including the menu assignment.
PDF 10 words for NICE/10 words for MEAN   --  I can learn new vocabulary for basic words. We took notes in class to help with usage and pronunciation. Ask a friend if you find you don't understand one of the words.
PDF Texture Chart   --  This is a resource for different words to talk about the texture of things. Students should have this in their binder.