In this space, you will find information and documents which will help you complete classwork at home if you were absent, didn't finish or didn't turn it in...

This link will take you to a site where you can print your own graph paper. They have lots of different kinds besides plain squares!

Link for Where Languages are Spoken Activity.

Link to St. Cloud Times article.

This has four pictures and instruction notes for our Sound Practice writing assignment.
This has four pictures and instructions for the Sounds Practice writing assignment.
Use these pictures if you are missing the "Sounds Practice" assignment. Don't forget to include words from your sound and music notes AND color words!
PDF Handout for the Menu Writing Assignment   --  This includes a checklist of what should be included and ways to go above and beyond.
PDF Texture Chart   --  This is a resource for different words to talk about the texture of things. Students should have this in their binder.
PDF Examples of Appetizers   --  If you aren't exactly sure what an appetizer is, or just needing a little inspiration, here is a sheet full of appetizer ideas. Usually, they are going to be shared and everyone will just get a little bit to start the meal. Things like bread baskets and chips and salsa can also be counted as appetizers.
PDF Examples of Entreés   --  Entreés are the main dish part of the meal. This sheet might inspire you and give you some ideas. Depending on the kind of restaurant you want to have, a hamburger or other sandwich could be an entreé. Most entreés are designed to be eaten by just one person, although some restaurants might serve several of them "family style" to share.
PDF Examples of Desserts   --  Most of us probably don't need examples of desserts! However, if you are looking for inspiration for something a little bit deferent from cookies or ice cream, you can check here.
PDF Examples for Specialty Beverages   --  A specialty beverage is one that requires part or all of it to be made in the restaurant. Coca-Cola? Not a specialty drink. Fresh squeezed mango lemonade? Yep- that's a specialty drink! Think about shakes, smoothies, horchatas (look it up! then try it-mmmm), agua fresca, floats, and slushies are examples of the kind of drinks we are looking for. You could also think winter- cocoa and cider could also count!
PDF Time Travel Slang Assignment   --  This is a PDF of the assignment due 10/29. The expectations for the assignment are part of the story. In class, we underlined the parts of the story which explain the assignment.
PDF Victorian Slang Thesaurus   --  This is a PDF of the Victorian slang terms for the Time Travel assignment.
PDF 1920s Slang Thesaurus   --  This is a PDF of the 1920s slang terms for the Time Travel assignment.
PDF 1950s Slang Thesaurus   --  This is a PDF of the 1950s slang terms for the Time Travel assignment.
PDF Four pictures for Color Writing Assignment   --  Choose ONE of these pictures! There is information below the assignment to remind you of the directions. Don't forget to use your color thesaurus!
PDF One Page Color Thesaurus   --  This information is available in several different places on my website, but I put it right here so there are no excuses!
PDF Menu Planning Sheet   --  This is for brainstorming your menu items.