Resources for work we are doing in class...
PDF GOLD SHEET (aka Easy Helpful Writing Sheet)   --  This has some very basic stuff like where to put spaces with commas and periods. It also has samples of sentences using quotation marks so you can see where to put the punctuation. Lastly, it has a helpful hint for run-on sentences.
PDF Noun Poem (inspired by ee cummings))   --  We have been looking at poetry off and on this year. The beginning of 4th quarter is an intensive "dive" into poems. This first poem is a poem where we were randomly assigned a noun and wrote a mixed up poem inspired by ee cummings. The instructions are step by step. There is also a sample. If you can't remember your noun, email me. I won't remember either, but I can give you a noun to write a poem about!
PDF 2017/18 6th Grade Poem Book   --  This has a sample of poetry from every 6th grader in Ms. Bartholomew & Ms. Goldammer's classes! There is no particular order- you need to explore to find your poem. (If parents want an extra copy of the booklet, contact me in the fall- we have a few extras.)