Resources for work we are doing in class...
PDF Seedfolks Plot Chart   --  NOTE! This was designed to print on 11" x 17" paper. If you lose it and need to do it at home, you will have to be creative about printing it. You can just use this for the basic idea to make your own version if you need to.
PDF Seedfolks Chapter: Kim   --  This is the first chapter. We read it in class. This is if you need it for an assignment or if you miss a day.
PDF Seedfolks Chapter: Ana   --  This is the second chapter. We read it in class. This copy is for you to use if you missed it or need it for an assignment.
PDF GOLD SHEET (aka Easy Helpful Writing Sheet)   --  This has some very basic stuff like where to put spaces with commas and periods. It also has samples of sentences using quotation marks so you can see where to put the punctuation. Lastly, it has a helpful hint for run-on sentences.
PDF Parsley Garden Graphic Story   --  This is a PDF of a version of the Parsley Garden story with pictures.
PDF "The Parsley Garden"   --  This is a PDF of the story we read in class.
PDF Seasons Poem   --  We read the poem together, took notes, then brainstormed on the back and wrote our own poem about a season of the year.