Resources for work we are doing in class...
PDF The Lie by Kurt Vonnegut   --  This is the first story we read together for the theme of "Identity."
PDF Sample Picante Identity Packet   --  This has my sample answers using "The Lie." It gives you an idea of what kind of length and complexity I expect for a "spicy" level of work!
PDF Picante Packet with explanatory notes.   --  This is the Picante Identity Packet with notes on what should be included in different boxes and helpful hints
PDF Sample Medium Identity Packet   --  This has my answers using "The Lie." You should use your own story! This gives you an idea of the length and amount of detail I expect from a "medium" level of work.
PDF Medium Identity Packet with Notes   --  This has nots to help you with what should go in each section and where you might find the information. It will be particularly helpful for the "body outline" if you can't remember what goes in each spot.
PDF Vocab Chart for Choice Story   --  This is only space for two words. We printed it on a large sheet, both sides. If you lost it, you will need FOUR of these sheets to equal the handout.
PDF Blank Picante Identity Packet   --  Hopefully you didn't lose this whole packet! If you did though, here is a blank one...
PDF Blank Mild Identity Packet   --  In an emergency...
PDF Poem Template for History Center   --  This is the template we used at the history center in the Open House exhibit.
PDF Pictures from "Open House" MNHC   --  These are some pictures of things we saw in the Open House exhibit if you didn't get the template done while we were there.
PDF Vocabulary Chart How To   --  This is an example and notes on what I expect on the vocabulary sheet for the Identity Unit.