Resources for work we are doing in class...
PDF GOLD SHEET (aka Easy Helpful Writing Sheet)   --  This has some very basic stuff like where to put spaces with commas and periods. It also has samples of sentences using quotation marks so you can see where to put the punctuation. Lastly, it has a helpful hint for run-on sentences.
PDF The Lie by Kurt Vonnegut   --  This is the first story we read together for the theme of "Identity."
PDF Annotated "The Lie"   --  This is the story we read in class, with the notes we took. (i only included one class's notes, but they were all pretty similar.
PDF Identity Poems (You and Remenzels)   --  This is the assignment sheet for the two different identity poems. One should be about YOU. The other(s) should be about Dr., Sylvia or Eli Remenzel. (You can write it as "Eli is ... OR I am... but call it Eli's Identity Poem, for example.) Don't forget to include description and explanation with each noun or adjective.
PDF Ideas for nouns / adjectives for Identity Poems   --  You do not HAVE to use the words on this list. You CAN. OR you can use them to inspire your own ideas or even go off the list altogether.