Cultural Expression!


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Course Description

Students learn about culture and nutrition around the world while moving their bodies for exercise and health. Students will discover forms of exercise and nutrition basics that they can immediately use in their daily life for health and enjoyment- all while learning about cultures throughout the world. Students will research healthy eating habits, exercise, lifetime sports, dances, and relaxation techniques. Students will apply what they have learned so they can improve their thinking and emotional health through studying movement, healthy food choices, and mindfulness.


The course will mainly focus on South Asia, East Asia, and Southeast Asia and more specifically the countries of China, India, and Vietnam.  We will practice mindfulness, tai chi, yoga, Bollywood dancing and learn how to play India’s most popular sport, cricket.


2nd Quarter

To demonstrate that you have read this, please write the strangest food that you have ever eaten on your syllabus form. Due Wednesday, November 8 2017. 


Bhangra Dancing Links: