Our topic this year is increasing FONOPS in the South China Sea. 

This space will include PDFs of the information in your binder. (I will be adding more things as we go along.)

Thursday Conference: 1/26, 2/16, 3/2, 3/16 (buffer date 3/23)
Battle Creek

Debate 3/16 @ U of M - 

Thursday Conference


Humphrey School of Public Affairs - West Bank: 

301 19th Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55455

(However, it is confusing and we may be located in Anderson Hall.)

Nearest Public/Visitor Parking

19th Ave. Ramp

21st Ave. Ramp

C86 Lot



3:30 pm: arrive at Humphrey Circle

I think we will have pizza first, then go to your first debate.


About 7:30 pm: end, reverse drop off (again, we usually run a little bit long!)

We have been getting back to Anthony between 8:00 and 8:30. I will remind the kids to text or call with a closer ETA.


There is a PDF version of this information including a map at the bottom of this page!



PDF Basics of Policy Debate   --  This is a general overview of what we are trying to do!
PDF Basic Guide (#1)   --  This has the basic framework for the first debate. It includes ideas for which cards go with which arguments. It should be the framework for putting together your information for the first debate.
PDF SCS Slide Show   --  This gives some background on the issues involved in this year'd debates. There are two slides that are full page aerial views of islands. If you click on them, they will take you to websites with gifs of the development on the islands.
PDF Fill in the Blanks Topic Notes   --  If you missed the first meeting, these were the fill in the blanks notes we took to go with the slide show to introduce the topic. I included possible answers.
PDF SCS AFF Cards   --  This is the first batch of cards for the Affirmative side. There may be more cards later on.
PDF SCS AFF Vocab.   --  Some helpful vocabulary to understand the AFF cards.
PDF SCS NEG Cards   --  This is the first set of cards to argue the Neg. side of the debate. More cards may be handed out later.
PDF 3/16 Debate Tournament Times and Maps   --  This includes more specific information, my cell number and a MAP!
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