Our topic this year is fully funding IDEA. 

This space will include PDFs of the information in your binder. (I will be adding more things as we go along.)

Our next tournament is THURSDAY, MARCH 14.

  • The tournament is at the U of M (East Bank). We will be using several campus buildings. There will be escorts between buildings.

Tate Hall / Folwell Hall 

9 Pleasant St SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455

  • At 2:45 go to your locker, get your stuff and come to Room 110 (the cooking room). You don’t need to leave earlier than 2:45. The bus is scheduled to pick us up at 2:55.
  • I will let the office know and you will be excused on your attendance for 7th hour.
  • We are picking up 2 other schools.
  • We will get pizza there before the first debate, and you will have a little bit of time to get ready.
  • I am guessing that we will get back here about 9:00. We have to drop off two other schools. Also, Debate is like baseball- it takes as long as it takes. We will keep parents informed as much as we can.

Address is also on the information on the calendar- just click on the entry.

PDF Basics of Policy Debate   --  This is a general overview of what we are trying to do!
PDF Debate Background Notes (Funding IDEA)   --  This is a PDF of the outline of the history and some of the issues surrounding funding of the Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act. It also includes some graphics connected to the issue.
PDF Anatomy of IDEA Debate   --  This chart will show you who needs to say what and for how long. It will tell you the things you need to be prepared for in the actual tournament. You will need to be prepared to argue both the AFF side AND the NEG side!
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