French 1

Madame Tomalty

About me:

I fell in love with French while living with a host family in the French Alps. I also lived in Morocco, where French is spoken.  I have a bachelor’s degree in French Studies from the University of Minnesota and completed my post bachelorette at the U of  MN in Second Language Education.  

Outside of the classroom I enjoy spending time with my husband, speaking French, rock climbing, reading, running, and traveling.

I’m really looking forward to teaching French 1! 


Bienvenue à la classe de français I 

MYP Core Subject: Language Acquisition 

 Français I is a class for students who have either had an introduction course, or no previous French language experience.

This year, we will cover the following units:

1. Le Berger - how fables teach us lessons

2. Paris! Reading a mini-novel which takes place in Paris

3. Comment est-elle, ta ville? How is your city?

4. Les artistes - French artists



Helpful links:

Quizlet:  -this link doesn't require a password

Fama Quizlet:

If you are having issues go to and search > madametomalty > classes > Anthony

Quizlet! Copy and paste this link to find my class!

Great for vocabulary and pronunciation! Remember to repeat after the native speaker!

Months of the year


Days of the week song :

Greetings :

Bonjour, comment cava ?  song

French alphabet rap :

Un Monde Parfait

On écrit sur les murs (Karoké)

On écrite sur les murs (Original version)