French I


Spelling Tests 

Une fête – a party

Inquiète / inquiet – worried

Avoir raison – to be right

Quitter – to leave

Fermer – to close

Un rapport – a report

Par terre – on the ground

Un médicament – medicine 



Verb Vouloir for April 13, 2018

Je veux – I want

Tu veux – you want (sing.)

Il veut  - he wants

Elle veut – she wants

On veut – one wants

Nous voulons – we want

Vous voulez – you want (plural)

Ils veulent – they want (m.)

Elles veulent – they want (f.)


Spelling Quiz - L ’Interro de l'orthographe - Friday March 23

1. seul(e) - alone

2. donc - so/therefore

3. s'il te plaît - please (informal)

4. s'il vous plaît - please (formal)

5. merci - thank you

6. de rien - you're welcome

7. désolé(e) - sorry

8. parce que - because


Spelling Test - March 2, 2018

un cadeau - a gift

heure - hour

le matin - the morning

l’aprés-midi - the afternoon

midi - noon

le soir - the evening

la nuit - the night

minuit - midnight

Spelling Test - Brandon Brown Week February 23 2018

Ami / amie - friend                                                                          

Sœur - sister                                                                                    

Frère - brother

 Sa / son - his/her

Blanc/Blanche - white

Noir - black

Comme - as

Avec - with

Non plus - no longer

Bienvenue à la classe de français I 

MYP Core Subject: Language Acquisition 

I am very excited to begin the school year 2017-18!  Français I is a class for students who have either had an introduction course, or no previous French language experience. This year, we will cover the following units:

1. Le Berger - how fables teach us lessons

2. Paris! We will Read a mini-novel which takes place in Paris 

3. Le Ballon Rouge - We will watch a classic French film, and re-create skits based on it.

4. Nos animaux, Notre famille - We will read a mini-novel about a young boy who wants a dog. Our vocabulary focus: family, house, time

5. Les Biographies - We will read mini biographies about French impressionists and musicians. We will create our own masterpieces and write about them.

In addition, we will learn basic French grammar, including how to conjugate the most common verbs in the present tense. 

To demonstrate that you have read this, please write the name of your favorite ice cream on your student questionnaire "Getting to know you" before turning it in on Friday, September 1.