French I


Bienvenue à la classe de français I 

Announcements: Quiz on Descriptive vocabulary on Friday, September 21, 2018. See the vocabulary link below to study.

MYP Core Subject: Language Acquisition 

I am very excited to begin the school year 2018-19!  Français I is a class for students who have either had an introduction course, or no previous French language experience. This year, we will cover the following units:

1. Le Berger - how fables teach us lessons

2.. Le Ballon Rouge - We will watch a classic French film, and re-create skits based on it.

3. Nos animaux, Notre famille - We will read a mini-novel about a young boy who wants a dog. Our vocabulary focus: family, house, time

4. Les Biographies - We will read mini biographies about French impressionists and musicians. We will create our own masterpieces and write about them.

In addition, we will learn basic French grammar, including how to conjugate the most common verbs in the present tense. 


Please check back for important dates, and study material. As always, don't hesitate to contact me with questions. Merci! Mme. Miller