French II

Bienvenue à la classe de français II

Spelling test for March 2, 2018

Le taureau - the bull

Elle court - she runs

Entre - between

Pendant - during, while

Idée - idea

Voilà - there you go

Intéressant - interesting

L'ouest - the west

Parce que - because

L'histoire - the story / history



Spelling test for February 23, 2018

Comprendre - to understand

Prendre - to take

Apprendre - to learn

Je voudrais - I would like

La carte - the menu

J'ai faim - I am hungry

J'ai soif - I am thirsty

Les boissons - the drinks

Le déjeuner - the lunch

Le repas - the meal

L'année scolaire: 2017-18

This class is designed for students who have had at least one full year of French, either at Anthony or another school or program. We will cover the following thematic units in the class:

1. Le Renard et le Corbeau - a quick, fun fable to get back into French 

2. Les Pirates des Caraïbes (mini-novel) - The francophone world 

3. Les Nuits Mystérieuses à Lyon - We will read a mystery novel that takes place in France. We will use this novel practice writing predictions and retelling in the past.

4. Le Nouvel Houdini - In this story, we analyze how our friends can be good, and sometimes not-so-good, influences. 


We will review present tense verbs, and spend most of the year working on near-future and past tense verbs. On Fridays, we will always do a writing, and spend the rest of class playing fun vocabulary games. 

We plan to take a trip to Concordia Language Village this spring. This trip is optional, and has no affect on your grade. Look for more details soon!

To demonstrate that you have read this, please write the name of your favorite ice cream on your student questionnaire "Getting to know you" before turning it in on Friday, September 1.