French II

Bienvenue à la classe de français II


L'année scolaire: 2016-17

This class is designed for students who have had at least one full year of French, either at Anthony or another school or program. We will cover the following thematic units in the class:

1. The elements of a story

2. Pauvre Anne (mini-novel)- Qu'est-ce que nous apporte du bonheur?

3. Les Pirates des Caraïbes (mini-novel) - The francophone world 

4. France during WWII - this will not be a history unit - rather we will discuss certain things happening in France during this time period. We will also read a mini-novel which takes place during this time.


During this year, we will review how to conjugagte verbs in the present tense. Then, we will learn how to use them in the past tense: Passé Composé et Imparfait

Please check back soon for more information, homework, project and test dates, and FUN STUFF!