Harry Potter Club

I will post PDFs of materials we use and links to interesting Harry Potter related sites here!

Ms. B's 2017 Sorting Hat Poem:

Gather round, my wizardly friends,

For ’tis that time of year

When new adventures must begin

And your destiny appears.


For each of you will join a house,

A band of comrades meet.

You’ll hitch your wagon to their star,

And with them feel complete.


I will look inside your head, 

and see your deepest thoughts.

I’ll place you where you’ll fit the best

And tie your fate in knots.


You might end up in Hufflepuff,

The home of honest folk

Who are always loyal, strong and true

And steady as an oak.


You could end up in Slytherin,

Where cleverness abounds-

They master cunning, skill and guile

And with success surround.


You might become a Gryffindor

The home of wizards brave

If you love danger, risk and peril,

And thus adventure crave.


Finally, Ravenclaw may call to you

If learning’s what you love

Logic, puzzles, mysteries deep

“Twill fit you like a glove.


Where ever you may find yourself

It’s sure you’ll feel at home.

To know your classmates have your backs

You’ll never want to roam!