Reader's Response Overview
A basic idea of what should be in each paragraph...

I will post PDF copies of the homework here. I will also post copies of my root notes. Homework is assigned every Monday and is due the following Monday. I have put each week's documents under a separate heading. If you click on the large, red underlined words, it will take you to a section where you can click on the document title and get a PDF of what was handed out or examined in class.

PDF General Organizer for Reader's Response   --  This is a graphic organizer to help you write the weekly reader's response. It gives you ideas for what should go in each paragraph. This will give you the expectations for the minimum. You can always write more to go above and beyond!
-mit Weekly Homework

This was handed out on 11/27 and is due 12/4.

-fract / -frag HW

This uses the roots -frat and -frag meaning 'break." It was assigned 11/13 and due 11/20.

The Reader's Response is about Significant Moments. In this context, "significant" has the meaning "having a major effect." A significant moment is one where we see a major change in a character or the plot. Think of a moment in your story where things are different after that moment!

-ject Weekly Homework

This was assigned 11/6 and is due 11/13.

-luc/-lum weekly Homework

NOTE: This is the first homework grade of second quarter.

This was handed out 10/30 and is due 11/6.

lucid- adjective, means to make something perfectly clear (let all the "light" through), used to talk about something abstract, like an idea or speech (metaphor)

pellucid- adjective, means to make something perfectly clear (let all the light through), used to talk about something concrete, like water or glass (literal)

General Homework Help

This section contains documents and information to answer some of the questions parents and students might have about 6th grade homework.

It does not have information about any particular homework assignment.

Homework is generally assigned on Monday and due the following Monday.

It consists of TWO parts: the blue sheet with Greek and Latin roots AND a Reader's Response where students need to write three paragraphs reflecting on different aspects of what they are reading at home during their 100 minutes of reading.