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A basic idea of what should be in each paragraph...

I will post PDF copies of the homework here. I will also post copies of my root notes. Homework is assigned every Monday and is due the following Monday. I have put each week's documents under a separate heading. If you click on the large, underlined words, it will take you to a section where you can click on the document title and get a PDF of what was handed out or examined in class.

PDF Literacy Letter 2018   --  This is the very first homework. It is deliberately not very detailed about what I am looking for. This is because I want to know what YOUR idea of your BEST writing is. Give me the best you can do, so I will know what we are going to be building on. This is our baseline, a word which means the starting point we use to be able to compare to later information, to be able to notice change.
PDF Ms. B's sample Literacy Letter   --  This is my sample, so you have an idea of some of the things you might include.
PDF Explanations for what should be on the Blue Weekly Handout   --  This is notes to help you make good answers and sentences on your homework. It also answers some questions you might have. This is the Medium / Spicy version, but the same thing is true of the Mild version- include details and make sure you have periods!
-mit Weekly Homework

This was handed out on 11/12 and is due 11/19.

-ject Weekly Homework

This was assigned 11/5 and is due 11/12.

-luc/-lum weekly Homework

NOTE: This is the first homework grade of second quarter.

lucid- adjective, means to make something perfectly clear (let all the "light" through), used to talk about something abstract, like an idea or speech (metaphor)

pellucid- adjective, means to make something perfectly clear (let all the light through), used to talk about something concrete, like water or glass (literal)

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