Welcome to Math 7! You can find class notes (in PDF format) uploaded, as well as homework assignments. Below are some fun sites to check out for extra math activities. We are spending some time working on our number sense and looking at different ways to solve problems, break numbers apart and explain our resoning. 

A fun thing we do in my family is guess our bill when we go out to eat. We play "Price Is Right" rules: the closest without going over wins. We all try to estimate the total of our bill before anyone is allowed to look at it. This helps children discover what is close, what is way off, and how to better estimate. It also teaches them to ask themselves if their answer makes sense. Try it with your family and let me know how it goes!

Quiz on volume and surface area of cylinders this Friday, 9/30

Website: Khan Academy--use search engine to find topics for re-teaching and extra practice.


Other fun Math sites: