Math MCA is April 24-28

All of my classes will be taking the Math MCA starting Monday, April 24 and ending Friday April 28. We have already been reviewing material in preparation. I also stress to my students that they just do their best work and to focus on getting plenty of rest, drinking lots of water, recalling previous knowledge, applying that knowledge, and relaxing! I do not want this to be a stressful time for students and I know that many of them put a lot of pressure on themselves. 

MCA test results help us identify students who may need extra support for the following school year. If you have opted out of taking the MCA for your student, please remind him/her to bring a book to read to math class all week. 

Attached is the Grade 7 MCA review. Students are responsible to turn in, as one packet, all 14 review sections. If your student is missing a section s/he can print a copy at home or in the school library. 


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