Meet your Physical Education teacher
Ms Krueger

My name is Diane Krueger, and I teach Physical Education at Anthony Middle School. I joined the Anthony staff in the fall of 2015. Previously I taught at Washburn High School and Green Central school. While I was at Washburn I was the varsity softball for 20 years and the varisity volleyball coach for 18 years.

I have always wanted to be a Phy.Ed. teacher because I love to play sports and games. I am an Augsburg College grad and completed my masters at St. Mary's University. When I was an undergrad at Augsburg I played volleyball and softball for 3 years each.

I grew up on a small hobby farm outside of Albert Lea, Minnesota. I graduated from Emmons High School with a graduating class of 25 students. That is always a fun conversation starter. While growing up I enjoyed raising horses, sheep, chickens, puppies and kittens. I spent my time outside a lot with the animals and playing.

During my free time I enjoying golfing, riding bike, walking, and grilling outdoors in any season.

Physical Education class information: Please wear appropriate clothing for physical activity and gym shoes on the days you have PE. Grading is 70%  participation, 30%  written quizzes (a study guide will be provided before the quiz for you to prepare). Fitness tests will be in the participation catagory. If you are ever absent: You will lose your participation points for the day. To make the points up I have a PE activity make up sheet available. It requires you to participate in any physical activity outside of school for the amount of class time you were absent. A parent will need to verify the make up and sign off on it. 

Some of the activities we will be doing in class this year are soccer, speedball, lacrosse, ultimate frisbee, badminton, basketball, floor hockey, mass games, fitness tests, and weather permitting sledding, skating and broomball.

If you have any questions please contact me. 



Health Syllabus


Physical Education Syllabus