Mrs. Wasmoen - Life Science

Hi! Welcome to a new school year! Science this year will be amazing! Lots of experiements, readings, video clips, small group discussions make class informative and interesting.  

Just a bit about me. I have been teaching for 34 years here in Minneapolis. I have always taught middle school age kids - 5th through 8th grade.  Having taught all the subjects, science is my favorite! I love observing students make connections between material in class and the real world. 

Home work is given every Monday and is due on Thursday.

I stay after school on Tuesdays to help students with work.

Let me know if you need anything, I am here to help you be successful!

Jane Goodall Reflection Paper - click here for sheets

Assigned: 9/25/17

Due: 9/28/17

This week's homework asks you to reflect on the work and findings of Jane Goodall. You are to use your reading notes and video sheets that we created in class.  Be sure to read the rubric carefully. When you are done writing your short paper, ask someone else to read it to make sure you wrote completely about the topic. - Here is a link to the video "Among the Wild Chimpanzees - This is a link to the interview of Jane Goodall.



Plant Growth Homework

Homework this week is to read an experiment that has already been done and analyze it. Be sure to read the entire paper. 

Assigned: 10/9

Due: 10/12