School Supply List 2017-18







Anthony Teachers suggest families to provide the following basic school supplies throughout the year. More specifics will be given at the start of the school year. In addition, below are specific requests by current grade level teachers.

Pencil pouch Sharpened pencils (dozen per month) Enclosed pencil sharpener
Extra Erasers Black or blue pens Washable markers
Set of colored pencils Ruler - standard and metric Many glue sticks
Highlighter(s) Flash drive Public library card
Several boxes of facial tissue Combination locks will be provided


Grade 6

Language & Literature (English): 1” binder, 1 blue pocket folder (durable), set of 5 tab dividers, 2 packs lined paper, 1 large glue stick

Language Acquisition (World Language-6th grade):  binder, pack of lined paper

Math:  2 red folders, 2 red notebooks, (save one of each for second semester) 1 loose-leaf paper for homework, calculator model# TI-30XS, protractor for Telescope Math 7/8, pencil pouch

Science:  1” green three-ring binder with pockets, set of 5 (8) tabbed  index dividers, 8 large glue sticks

Individuals & Societies (Social Studies): 1 yellow spiral notebook (no composition books), 1 yellow pocket folder

Reading Class: 1 composition book (no spirals)

World Cultures Class: spiral notebook, pencil, pencil sharpener, eraser


If you think you will need a different organizational system: Morning/Afternoon binders: Two 2 inch binders (heavy duty), 7 – 3 hole pocket dividers preferably in different colors, 2 packs of loose leaf paper and all the general supplies listed


Grade 7

Language & Literature (English): notebook, folder and pencils

Math:  4 spiral notebooks, 2 pocket folders, 1/4 inch grid paper, pencils with erasers, calculator at home (some teachers require graphing calculators and some a scientific calculator - wait to purchase until teacher tells you). Scientific calculator for class (Math 7), colored pencils

Science:   3-ring binder (1” preferred),  loose leaf paper and color pencils to have at home for homework (5 tabbed index dividers - helpful)

Individuals & Societies (Social Studies): 3-subject spiral notebook, 2 pocket folders, pencil with erasers, colored pencils, highlighters, flash drive




Grade 8

Language & Literature (English): 1 to 1.5 inch three-ring binder, 4 tab dividers, loose leaf paper, notebook, folder and pencils

Science: 1 subject spiral notebook with pockets, 1" three-ring binder, 4 tab dividers

Individuals & Societies (Social Studies): spiral notebook, 2 pocket folder, writing utensil(s), 1 flash drive to be used across disciplines

Math:  3 spiral notebooks and a folder, graph paper, calculator at home, pencils, colored pencils, highlighter, glue sticks

Geometry: Scientific calculator,  Pencil pouch, Pencils, Colored pencils, Scissors, Graph Paper, 4 single subject spiral or composition notebooks, Pocket folder, Protractor Compass— I recommend Safe-T Compass which can be purchased from             



Media:   pocket folder, pack 3x5 lined notecards, composition book, library card


Physical Education: students should wear gym/tennis shoes and comfortable/appropriate clothing for physical activity every day


Health:   washable markers, 1 pocket folder, colored pencils, glue sticks


Band:  1” three-ring binder and at least 10 plastic sleeves to store music


Art: pencils, sharpener, erasers, glue sticks, markers, colored pencils


Language Acquisition (World Languages):  pocket folder, spiral notebook, 1" three-ring binder, 5 tab dividers and loose-leaf paper


Choir & Music Appreciation:  1” 3-ring binder, one college rule notebook, note cards, pencils, loose leaf paper


Design/PLTW:  1” three-ring binder, college-rule notebook


AVID Students: 3” three-ring binder (NO individual binders), folder, notebook punched for binder and 1 GB or larger flash drive


Reading Class:  100 sheet composition book, one pocket folder


World Cultures & Cultural Expressions: folder, a complete list will be given out the 1st week of class


Advisory:  1 container bleach wipes or sanitizing wipes and 3 boxes facial tissue each semester


ELL: 3” three-ring binder, notebook, folder



Other supplies may be requested the first week of classes.  Students will be given an updated list when they attend classes and meet their new teachers on August 29, 2016, the first day of classes.