Writing Contests

When I get information about various opportunities to "publish" (meaning get your work out into the wide world and have someone other than me, your parents, your classmates and your BFFs to see it), I will put it here!

Guante's Page: Spoken Word opportunities int the Twin Cities: this link will take you to Guante's page. He is an award winning spoken word artist from the Twin Cities. He came and worked with 7th graders in the spring of 2016. He is totally awesome and so is spoken word! If you are looking to hear powerful voices or get involved in speaking truth yourself, check some of these out!

PDF Ramie Nightingale Writing Contest   --  Write a two page story/essay about a friend who has changed you. I will be MORE THAN happy to help you edit and proofread! Just ask! This should go in the mail by Oct. 24 (Monday)!
PDF Raina Telgemeier Writing Contest   --  This contest asks you to take your favorite story (prose book- not one already written as a graphic novel), take a short section of it, and turn it into two pages of a graphic novel of your own! Again, I can help you with anything! Even stamps! This should also get mailed by Oct. 24, 2016.