Respect, Readiness, Responsibility & Relationships
Anthony Staff Welcomes All
Anthony Staff Welcomes All

Philosophy: Since 1958, Susan B. Anthony Middle School has been providing challenging and rewarding experiences for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. Our goal is that through academic excellence, along with respect, readiness, and responsibility, students will reach their highest potential.

Mission: Anthony Middle School develops interactive, compassionate, and principled learners who strive for excellence, embrace differences and act responsibly within our communities and the world.

Vision: Ready for high school. Ready for college.

                                    Ready for life. 

Student Parent Teacher Conferences
Student/Parent/Teacher Conferences

Please join us for student led, parent teacher conferences on October 15, 16 or 24th as outlined below.  We look forward to seeing you and your student!  To reduce wait time, meetings will be limited to 5 minutes per teacher.  If you need more time, we ask that you arrange a time that will work best for you and your teacher(s).

EVENING Conference

Tuesday, October 15

4:30pm – 7:30pm

MORNING Conference

Wednesday, October 16

8:30am – 11:30am

EVENING Conference

Thursday, October 24

4:30pm – 7:30pm

Students with last names letters A – J

The morning conference

is open to anyone

Students with last names letters K - Z


PTA Fundraiser October 2019
Anthony PTA Fundraiser

We need your support!! Help keep Anthony Middle School strong! Please see attached Panther Pledge Information sheet for more information regarding The Panther Pledge Drive, our largest fundraiser of the year. We need your help to reach our goal of $30,000 by November 4th.  

Two easy ways to donate*:

  1. Online at

○      VERY IMPORTANT!!!! In the “add a note” section on PayPal you must put the first and last name of the student. This will make certain that the correct student will get credit for their donation.

  1. Or, send checks addressed to Anthony PTA to the school office in the attached envelope.

*Keep in mind that when writing a check or giving cash, 100% of the profits go to the school. We are charged a processing fee from PayPal.

Open House Presentation

Click here to view the August 29 Open House Presentation. 


Student Forms for School Year 2019-2020

The week of August 19th a welcome packet with forms for the new school year was mailed home.  If you did not receive the packet and the forms, click on this link here: Student Forms for School Year 2019-2020All students will need an updated Emergency Contacts form, Student Behavior Acknowledgement form, Cell Phone, Internet and Bus Safety form.  Under the Student Forms for School Year 2019-2020 link, you will also find the letter from the Nurse regarding immunizations. 


School Supply List 2019-2020

Click on title above for to view school supply list.

Contact the school social worker, Leah Pillsbury, if you need assistance with supplies. 


School Hours

School Hours are 9:30am-4:00pm. Your first class starts at 9:30am. Please be on time!

In the interest of safety, please do not drop off your children before 9:10am, as there is no supervision before that time. Also, please be sure to pick up your children by 4:30pm.

Door #3 will open at 9:10am for students to enter for breakfast. Students must remain in the cafeteria until 9:20am.

Door #1 will open at 9:15am for students to enter the building to go to their lockers. Students are expected to be in class by 9:30am.

After 9:30am, all students, parents and visitors are to enter through Door #1 on Irving Avenue.

Students are dismissed at 4:00pm. If riding the bus, students must board right away. Buses depart at 4:08pm.

If your student misses school for any reason, please call 668-3271 to report the absence....
Illness and Sending Your Child to School
One of the goals of health services is to assure a healthy environment. Many students and families are frequently concerned about when students should stay home or attend schoolClick here for more information.
**NEW No Bus Passes starting SY2020
MPS Transportation has requested MPS Schools to no longer allow temporary bus passes for students to ride home with a friend.  Thank you for your understanding.
Conflict Intervention Handbook

Student Conflict Intervention Handbook

If there are questions, please contact the Assistant Principal or a Dean. 


 The general standards of appearance for all students are that they be clean, neat, and properly dressed for school.......

Anthony Middle School Testing Schedule 2019-2020






Testing Window

FAST Testing (fall)



September 10 - October 4

FAST Testing (winter)



December 9 - January 16

ACCESS Testing



January 27 - March 20

MCA Testing



Week of April 13




Week of April 20



6,7,8 Week of April 27




Week of May 4






Week of May 4