Your job is to read a dystopian novel and write a short essay explaining the utopian and dystopian features of the book. This will be due the October 16, but you should pick up your book soon to get a head start reading!

The choices for this project are:
Mild - Easier to Read/ Have a Movie Based on Them
The Hunger Games
The Maze Runner
Medium - Right at 8th Grade Level
Enders Game
Spicy - For those that want a challenge!
Brave New World
Fahrenheit 451
We are asking that students do get their own copy of the text. We discussed in class that the library is a great option to find the books, but if you would like to purchase your own copy, Amazon, Half Priced Books, and Barnes and Noble would be places to visit as well. I also highly encourage students to use the audiobook option of their text - in fact, you can even use the Hennepin County Library app to download it to your own personal device - how cool is that?!
If you have any questions about the project or class, do not hesitate to send them my way.
Happy reading,
Mr. Strecker