Welcome to 6th Grade Intro to French

6th Grade Exploratory French - Trimester One


Please feel free to email me with questions at ElizabethA.Miller@mpls.k12.mn.us

Quiz update: There will be a quiz on Classroom vocabulary and Commands on Tuesday May 21 (B-Day) or Wednesday, May 22 (A-Day). Please reveiw the commands vocabulary and the audio recording as this is a listening quiz. The classroom vocabulary quiz will be matching French and English. See the links below.

6th Grade Students: Please study the classroom vocabulary - there is a link below for the list, or copy and paste the Quizlet link to study. Take advantage of the Snow day and study your French vocabulary! 

Quizlet:  https://quizlet.com/_60ngyn 


Welcome to exploratory French - 6th grade! We will learn some basics in French this quarter including: greetings, introducing oneself, numbers, basic classroom vocabulay, and family members. 

I am excited to be teaching you French this trimester! Bienvenue!! Mme. Miller