Ms. Bartholomew

Updated May 29, 2019 Welcome to Ms. Bartholomew's English website. I will use this website to let you know what units we are working on in class, as well as general course information. Feel free to contact me with questions or comments at or by calling Anthony at 612-668-3240.

6th Grade Course Information: Sixth Grade will focus on building a strong middle school community and developing the habits and skills of a successful student. We will read poems, short stories and novels which deal with community and getting along with others. (Click on the underlined phrase for more information about 6th grade including handouts and homework.) NOTE: WE ARE ASKING SIXTH GRADE STUDENTS TO HAVE A THREE RING BINDER AND A PACKAGE OF LOOSE-LEAF PAPER (REINFORCED HOLES IS BEST). If possible, we are encouraging BLUE binders and folders for Language and Literature, but this is just a guideline. DON'T go buy new supplies if what you have isn't blue!

7th Grade Course Information: Seventh Grade will focus on creative writing in a variety of styles, vocabulary and playing with words. We will read several novels and explore the themes of truth and self-identity. (Click on the underlined phrase for more information about 7th grade including handouts, flash cards and homework.) 

 Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Meltdown arrived at the end of the day on Tuesday. We tried to hand them out on Wednesday. If you ordered a copy and didn't get it, please contact me or your child's classroom Language Arts teacher! 


Scholastic Book Clubs will be at Anthony again this year!

This is a chance for your family to order fun and affordable books!

Scholastic has been around for years and has a variety of books for all ages and interests. Many of you remember the flyers from elementary school.


A new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book is available for pre-order. This is the only way to get it in paperback. Books will be delivered sometime October 30. (I might not be able to get them to you until October 31.)

Also, there is a NEW Amulet graphic novel available! Yay!


There are several ways to order:

  • Look for flyers to come home periodically. These will be handed out by your child’s English teacher. Just fill out the form and send a check payable to Scholastic Book Clubs back to English class. One check for multiple flyers is OK. You can also look online for books that aren't in the flyers. If Scholastic has it, I can usually get it. (Cash is OK too. Please put it in an envelope.)
  • Order online. You can set up an account through Scholastic at the following The first time you order, enter the code MKHXV. The books will be delivered with our regular shipment and handed out in English class.
  • Anthony will earn bonus points with each order, either using the flyer or online, which we will use for books for classrooms and the library.


When you register online, it will have my name, since I am the coordinator for Anthony. If you have any questions, you can email me at



new books on a desk
A few of the new books added to the library with our Scholastic points!