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The following links are to Minneapolis Public School's policies for student's use of technology including computer, cell phones, Internet, and email.

Internet and Educational Use Policy 6415

PURPOSE Students need to learn safe guidelines for using social networking sites that are available outside of the school environment, and the District will partner with parents to teach those guidelines. The purpose of this policy is to ensure the safe and appropriate use of the Internet for educational purposes and to comply with federal law. 

Internet, E-mail and Network Rules for Student Use Regulation 6415 B

PURPOSE The purpose of this regulation is to establish appropriate rules for educational and ethical student uses of the Internet, e-mail and District networks at school and to identify individual student responsibilities. Student use of District-provided access to the internet, district assigned e-mail addresses and District-provided web sites for students are provided for the limited purposes of teaching students 21st century academic and work skills, and to facilitate effective communication and collaboration for academic pursuits.

Student Personal Electronic Device Policy 5210

PURPOSE  The purpose of this policy is to establish the parameters for the possession and use of personal electronic devices that are capable of transmitting or receiving data or images. The District continues to have high expectations for student behavior in the use of such devices permitted under this policy. Personal electronic devices can be a powerful educational tool, but possession and use of personally owned devices at school is a privilege, not a right.

Technology Resources for Families

Internet Safety Information: List of organization's websites with Internet safety information for parents.

Internet Resources for Families: Includes list of Internet providers who offer income based discounts, places for free computer access, wireless hotspots, and more.

Data Privacy

Bullying Prevention in Minneapolis Public Schools: Includes resources on preventing cyber bullying


Conflict Intervention Handbook

Student Conflict Intervention Handbook

Teaching and Learning

Welcome to the Minneapolis Publis Schools Department of Teaching and Learning! The Teaching and Learning Department is focused on ensuring that every student, in every classroom, has access to engaging instruction and the opportunity to excel. 

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