a.  Provide models of more complete and correct sentence structure by repeating and expanding what the student just said. (e.g. child: 'Me go too';  adult acknowledges and expands by saying, 'You want to go too.')  The models will be most effective if they are just slightly more complex than the child's original sentence.
b.   Provide written or tape recorded models of sentences with correct grammatical forms and have the student practice for a few minutes daily.
c.  Provide verbal and other reinforcement for more complete, correct sentence use.
d.  Give the student the task of finding one to three opportunities each day to consciously use complete, correct sentence forms in you hearing.  Support this task with prompts if necessary, and with reinforcement.
e.  Give the student written examples of sentences with errors, have him/her identify the errors and correct them.
f.  Have the student create examples, stories containing correct use of the relevant sentence types.

Prepared by S. Penner  9/20/93