School Quality Reviews and School Improvement Plan

School Quality Review (SQR)
During the spring of 2009, every Minneapolis Public School participated in a School Quality Review process. This type of review is designed to help clearly identify a school’s unique strengths and opportunities for improvement. It goes beyond test scores to provide a thorough analysis of what’s really going on within each school community.

Review Methods and Reporting
The quality review began with a self assessment, completed by the principal. When this was completed a reviewer from outside the district visited the school for two days. Minneapolis Public Schools used Cambridge Education, an experienced, international school improvement firm, to conduct these reviews. During his or her time in each school, the reviewer visited classrooms and interviewed teachers, parents and students.

The result of this visit is the School Quality Review report. This document is not a marketing document nor a deficiency report. It is designed to be an objective, third-party summary of what each school does well and where the school should focus its improvement efforts. The report, along with data, is used by schools to identify strength and areas of improvement in their annual School Improvement Plan (SIP).

Anthony School Quality Review


School Improvement Plan (SIP)
The Minneapolis Public School district holds itself accountable for continuous improvement to close the achievement gap while raising achievement for all students. The Continuous Improvement process addresses the needs of all schools and all academic departments. MPS is committed to using data to inform and focus improvement efforts.

The MPS Continuous Improvement Process is also aligned to “Needs Improvement” as defined by No Child Left Behind.

The School Improvement Plan (SIP) serves two purposes:

  1. It is a tool that is used to assist school staff in their continuous school improvement efforts.
  2. It fulfills district, state and federal requirements, including requirements for Schoolwide Title I, Targeted Assistance and AYP / Needs Improvement Plans.