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Susan B. Anthony Middle School, established in 1958, is located in the southwest quadrant of Minneapolis and is the community middle school for MPS Zone 3.  The school became an International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme in 2012.  The IB MYP focuses on high academic standards and rigor for all students while emphasizing engagement through interdisciplinary and real-world connections.

MissionAnthony’s mission is to foster inclusive excellence, equity, humanity, and social justice.

VisionTransformative learning experience.


•  Inclusive Excellence: Engaging authentically with our diverse community  through instruction, 

    relationships, and compassion.

•  Equity: Individualizing support while addressing barriers and specific needs.


•  Humanity: Embracing differences with advanced empathy. 

•  Social Justice: Disrupting inequitable systems while creating a welcoming 



The MYP requires that all students take classes in the eight subject areas: Language and Literacy (English), Individuals and Societies (Humanities), Math, Sciences, Language Acquisition (Japanese, French or Spanish), Physical Education and Health, Design and Performance Arts (Band, Choir, Art, Guitar, Orchestra). Students also have numerous opportunities to explore leadership roles as peer mediators, student council representatives, Panther Pals (students help acclimate new students to the school), student ambassadors, and as emcees for special events and at graduation. All students belong to grade-level teams that are comprised of their Language A, Math, Science and Humanities teachers, plus applicable elective teacher, the grade level dean, Assistant Principal and Principal who meet weekly. At these meetings, teachers address the needs of individual students, meet with parents, develop strategies for the implementation of the IB MYP and plan for team-wide activities, including community service. There is a dean at each grade level who works with teachers, students and families to ensure students are present and successful in their classes

Basic Facts:
Named after Susan B. Anthony
School Mascot: Black Panther
Student Population: 741
Student Demographics:
  • Native American 1%
  • African American 28%
  • Asian American 4%
  • Hispanic American 2%
  • White American 65%
  • ELL (English Language Learners) 10.1%
  • Special Education 10.6%
  • Free/Reduced Lunch 35.1%
  • Non-Licensed Staff (tutors, educational assistants, cooks, engineers, secretary, etc.): 39
  • Licensed Classroom Teachers: 45
  • Licensed Non-Classroom (psychologist, social worker, counselor, nurse, etc.): 7
  • Administrator: 2
  • Total Staff: 93
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Anthony Middle School
5757 Irving Ave South
Minneapolis, MN 55419

Office Hours: 
8:45am - 4:45 p.m.

Classes start at 9:30am and ends at 4:00pm. 



Attendance: 612.668.3271
Main Office: 612.668.3240
Principal Vue: 612.668.3241
Assistant Principal Miller: 612.668.3269
Transportation, Anthony: 612.668.3258
Transportation, District: 612.668.2300
Counselor: 612.668.3251
Social Worker: 612.668.3252
Social Worker, Special Ed: 612.668.3253
Health Office: 612.668.3249
Lunchroom: 612.668.3264
 Fax (main office): 612.668.3250


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Frequently Asked Questions: