Anthony MYP Assessment Policy


At Anthony Middle School, assessment is an ongoing process that helps teachers, students, and families know how well a student is progressing towards grade level standards. This process includes formative assessments that are task based and assessed using objective criteria. Throughout the entire process of assessment, feedback is given by the teacher and student through reflection and evaluation.

The assessments that students work on at Anthony Middle School will be tied to the larger concepts of the units of study of each of their classes. Each assessment should help the student move toward a better understanding of the unit’s statement of inquiry, key and related concepts, and the overarching global context.

Types of Assessments

In order to truly see where students are, teachers will employ a variety of assessment strategies including: pre­assessments establish where students are with respect to the objective criteria and the summative assessment, Formative Assessments as milestones/benchmarks to measure progress and provide feedback to the students about their progress (self or guided), and Summative Assessment applies the objective criteria to something unfamiliar.

At the end of each assessment, an emphasis will be placed on student reflection. This allows studentsmetacognitively to think about their own learning. Additionally, teacher reflection will be used to inform future practice and to guide unit design.

Assessment in the MYP
Anthony will put forth its vision of assessment through the unit planner, horizontal and

vertical alignment, through objective criteria including interim objectives and learning goals that include subject area criteria.

The subject area criteria will be assessed with formative assessments as needed to show consistent performance. Teachers will record formative and summative information in different ways as needed. Whenever there is a summative assessment these criteria will be addressed.

Over the course of the school year, student achievement will be converted to a 8­point scale for consistency and shared within and across departments. 8­point achievement descriptors are communicated as students transfer years so growth is continuous and value­added throughout MYP program.

Recording and Reporting

Teachers record assessment scores that reflect the 8­point scale which is then converted to the letter grade. This information will be shared with students and parents on a school­wide schedule and at teacher discretion through individual student and parent communication. There will be a focus of shared information will be on most recent and consistent achievement levels through the use of Parent Portal and Email. Anthony Teachers will continue to work with District Leadership to have our gradebook reflect the IB 8­Point Scale and Criteria.