See Minneapolis website

or student handbook for complete district attendance policy.


ABSENCES:   If a student must be absent from school, a parent should call the Attendance Line at 612-668-3271 each day to report the reason so it can be coded into the computer. Lawful excuses include: sickness, doctor’s visit (must have verification from clinic), religious holidays, funerals and extreme family emergencies. Staying home to baby-sit, missing the bus, oversleeping or being needed at home are NOT excused absences. Families may leave a homework request message if the student is going to be absent three (3) days. For shorter absences, see the teacher to make up assignments. A phone request on the Attendance Line or to the Main Office will be given to all teachers on the student’s schedule. Teachers may place homework in a basket in the Main Office within twenty-four (24) hours for you to pick up.


COMING TO SCHOOL LATE:   School starts at 8:45am. If your student is late to school, they need to sign in at the main office to receive a pass to class. The students can sign themselves in; you are not required to come in with them unless needed. We will not adjust their attendance until they sign in. If your student was at a doctor/dentist/counseling, etc. appointment, they will need some form of written evidence that they were at an appointment for it to reflect as such on their attendance. A personal note or signature will still reflect as unexcused on their attendance. This is an MPS district policy that Anthony is required to adhere to.


LEAVING SCHOOL EARLY:   If you need to pick up your student early, please send them to the main office with a written note from a parent/guardian stating your student’s full name, the time they need to leave and the reason. We will issue them a pass so that they can leave the building at the time stated on your note and you will not have to come into the school to sign your student out. We understand that situations arise where you can’t send them with a note in which case you will need to come to the main office to sign your student out. If the student leaves for a medical appointment, your student will still need to bring written evidence of the medical appointment to the office the following day.


TARDINESS:   Students are expected to be on time to school and to each of their classes. Students are given four (4) minutes to get from class to class. Students are encouraged to visit the restroom or go to their locker during passing time. Tardy means “not in the room when the bell rings.” Some teachers have more specific expectations of students. Consequences for being tardy to class include:

• 1st & 2nd tardy – teacher initiated consequence

• 3rd tardy – parent contacted by dean/teacher and assigned lunch detention

• 4th tardy – after school detention

• 5th tardy – student referred to SST team and interventions will be put in place.


VACATIONS:  Try to plan vacations during the District scheduled breaks. Please use the calendar in this planner when planning vacations. Notify the attendance office and the teachers in writing before leaving. Do not expect homework to be provided before your trip. Students are responsible for completing missed assignments within a reasonable time upon their return.