Some of my favorite audiobooks:

I am a big advocate of audiobooks as a learning tool. I had long enjoyed audiobooks for long car trips and boring jobs like laundry, but my "conversion" came about when my stepson was in 10th grade. He was taking Honor's English lit. To be honest, the class was a touch on the hard side, but he was determined to grit his way through. Then they started Huck Finn. He read it. I saw him reading it. But, he confessed to me in a panic one day that it was due in a week and he had NO idea what the story was about. So, we downloaded the audiobook. He couldn't stop listening. He listened to the whole thing in two days! He loved it. He downloaded Tom Sawyer! What changed was that he could HEAR the characters and how they sounded different from one another. If you haven't read Huck Finn, a lot of it is dialect. Dialect is when you write how people actually sound, not always perfect English. It looks different on the page, not like regular English. But, you can really hear the meaning when you listen to it. He ended up being the only student who finshed it and LIKED it!


If you are an auditory learner (you learn best by hearing information) then audiobooks can really help you. 

If you are learning English as a second language, audiobooks let you hear how words are pronounced and hear correct setence structure.

If you are a slow or reluctant reader, audiobooks let you enjoy stories that might be above your independent reading level, but not above your level of understanding when you hear them. They also help you become familiar with things good readers do, like predict, follow the plot, remember characters and keep track of the complexities of a story.

If you do a lot of stuff that occupies your body, but not your brain, like being a passenger on long car trips, doing dishes, raking leaves, running, or crafts, try audiobooks to multi-task some of that time with learning!

If you do become an audiobook addict, you can get them at the library and download them to your computer to put onto an iPod or MP3 device. You can also get an account at For about $15 per month, you get one credit each month to use for any audiobook. They also have great sales with books as low as $4.95.

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