Beastly (and more) by Alex Flinn

BEASTLY: This was a fun book with a happy ending. It does have times when it feels a little too much like the Disney version, but that is because they both used the same source story. I thought Kyle was very believable as the spoiled jerk who should be turned into a beast. I liked the social commentary about true beauty and how we interpret it. I found it quite enjoyable.

NOTE: There is a movie version, but it got TERRIBLE reviews on Amazon, so I haven't decided yet if I am going to watch it.

NOTE 2: There is a clever play on the name of the heroine- look up the meaning of the name Linda.

All of this author's modern fairy-tale books are fun. They do all blend together after a while. At least one character is a spolied privelged brat who learns a lesson through the magic events. The "voice" of the different characters starts to sound a bit similar. However, don't let that stop you from enjoying them and having fun reading them!