Cherry Ames Series by Helen Wells

These were published at a rate of about one per year starting in 1944. They have been reissued just the way they were written, without any updates. I started reading them on Scribd, but I know you can get them on Amazon.

The first book introduces Cherry Ames, fresh out of high school and off to study to be a nurse. Each story sees her grow in confidence and ability as she graduates from nursing school, joins the Army and serves in the Pacific and in England. She also works with wounded soldiers abck in the States and is now, as I am reading the 6th book, about to become a private nurse.

Cherry is intelligent, caring and hard-working. She has romantic interests, but isn't wiling to give up her career for any of the men in her life. Her patients come first. She is adventurous and surprisingly modern! In fact, at one point, she rescues the boy she is seeing from drowning when their canoe tips over. He decides he doesn't want a wife who has to rescue him and leaves her. And she is totally OK with that!

There are touches in these books that make it clear that they were written over 60 years ago, but not in a bad way. In fact, I have been surprised how little has changed!