In this space, you will find information and documents which will help you complete classwork at home if you were absent, didn't finish or didn't turn it in...

This link will take you to a site where you can print your own graph paper. They have lots of different kinds besides plain squares!

This link will take you to directions for a 3-Fold Brochure in GoogleDocs.

This link will take you to a Google Site with information about the background of the graphic novel "March."



PDF One Page Color Thesaurus   --  This information is available in several different places on my website, but I put it right here so there are no excuses!
PDF The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell   --  This is the story we read in class.
PDF Directions for three choices for "Most Dangerous Game" project   --  This is the blue handout from class last Friday. (I didn't include the back/rubric part, but you can look at it here). I am looking for specific details from the text. (Not just Rainsford was scared, but lines and images from the story.) Details you invent should be plausible and make sense. If you want to have Zaroff survive, fine. But, HOW does he do it? If you want Rainsford to take his place, fine. But WHY would he do that? What would be his motivation? You do have some flexibility with the assignment guidelines, but check with me if you think you are getting too far from what was written. I am expecting that we will be able to finish by Friday.