Resources for work we are doing in class...

This link will take you to a selection of pictures and descriptions of items from the History Center.

PDF GOLD SHEET (aka Easy Helpful Writing Sheet)   --  This has some very basic stuff like where to put spaces with commas and periods. It also has samples of sentences using quotation marks so you can see where to put the punctuation. Lastly, it has a helpful hint for run-on sentences.
PDF Poem Template for History Center   --  This is the template we used at the history center in the Open House exhibit.
PDF Pictures from "Open House" MNHC   --  These are some pictures of things we saw in the Open House exhibit if you didn't get the template done while we were there.
PDF Quotation Marks and Ellipses   --  Use this hint chart whenever you need to shorten a quote. (You should have at LEAST 7-10 words from your original quote. You can't just put, "He..." because you are lazy and don't want to write more!)
PDF NASA LETTER HELP   --  This has sentence starters and what should be in each paragraph for your NASA letter. (We will have some more time in class to work on it.)