Reserving Technology

Please remove your name right away if you need to cancel your lab time.

Computer Lab Check-Out


Math Cart Check-Out

Science Cart Check-Out


General Info:

  • Please keep all food and drink away from the technology and out of labs.  
  • If a student is found willfully damaging the technology (picking off keys, etc) please write a behavioral referral (new keyboards and mice are $50/each).



  • At the end of class, make sure all students have their computers logged out, their headphones put up, chairs pushed in, and any garbage picked up.  Please allow at least 2 minutes at the end of class for students to clean up their area.
  • After using a lab, please make sure the door is closed and locked. Return the lab key to the office right away.
  • If a computer is not working, please submit an eTicket with the lab and computer number so it can get fixed.  




  • Please don't break up carts.  If your class is large enough where one cart won't be adequate, reserve and take 2 carts.  
  • When unlocking the cart, remember to squeeze the lock and shackle together to open the lock.  Once unlocked, please scramble the combo lock numbers so that students won't see the code.  
  • At the end of class, allow at least 3 minutes for student cleanup.  All devices should be logged out, placed in their proper numbered slot and plugged into the charging cord.  
  • Please lock the cart up and return it right away.  Make sure it is plugged it in so it's ready for the next user.
  • If something isn't working, please submit an eTicket with the cart and device number so it can get fixed.
  • Here is a sheet to assign devices to students