Mr. Olson - Contact Info

The best way to reach me, by far, is via email.  My email address is  I check it incessantly during the week and occasionally on weekends.  I am usually very prompt in responding to email.

If you must reach me by phone the best way to do this would be by calling the school's main number between 8 and 9 am on any school day, except Tuesdays, or between 2:15 and 3 pm on any school day.  I do have occasional meetings but will be able to be reached often in that time as I do not teach during those hours.  That number is 612-668-3240.

I am also more than happy to meet face to face with parents and/or students in my room, room 102 (right across from the main office).  The best times to meet would be during those same times listed above.  I could also potentially meet after school as well.  Email me to set up a time.  I am ALWAYS happy to take parents dropping in during those times with quick questions but if you want an extended meeting, please do set it up in advance.