6th Grade Language and Literature: What is it?

You will hear multiple names for this class! Here is a quick guide to what all the different terms mean:

English class: this is the traditional name. It is what your parents or grandparents called this class. It isn't a very precise name because we do a LOT more than learn how to use the language.

Language Arts: This name talks about the fact that we are learning and studying the art and creativity of using language. We are looking at reading authors to make us better writers and thinkers. Like any other art, our focus is on constantly trying new things, adding to what we know, revising, and trying it again. We might write a poem in 6th grade, another poem in 7th grade and still another poem in 8th grade. But each time we will be adding new layers of knowledge and experience.

ELA or E/LA: an abbreviation for English Language Arts

Language and Literature: The MYP name for the class that covers exploring how to use language to communicate and exploring literature as a way to understand the human condition. 

PDF Parent Signature Sheet   --  This is the white sheet that parents and students both sign after looking at the blue sheet. You keep the blue sheet and bring the white sheet back to school. It goes in the Minion Box.
PDF 2018/19 6th Grade Syllabus   --  This is a description of the aims and expectations for 6th grade. It should have come home, on blue paper, the first week of school.