District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC)

The District Parent Advisory Council is made up of parents members of Zone 1,  Zone 2 and Zone 3 councils.  Meetings are an excellent opportunity for regular dialogue with the Superintendent (or her designee) and district staff.  Ten representatives from each area council comprise the membership of the DPAC.  However, all parents or guardians are welcome to attend DPAC meetings.

Visit the DPAC Web Site

Zone 3 Parent Council

The Zone 3 Parent Advisory Council is a parent group that aims to collect the voice of MPS Zone 3 parents, to build community among Zone 3 parents and to create a channel of communication between Zone 3 parents, the District Parents Advisory Council (DPAC) and district leadership.

Visit the Area C (z3) Parent Advisory Council webpage

Anthony Site Council

The Anthony Middle School Site Council is a diverse group representing the Anthony Middle School community and meetings are open to all members of the community.  The Site Council meets monthly during the school year and deals with issues related to school operation.

Member of the community may submit agenda items to one of the co-chairs.