"Give a Boy a Gun" by Todd Strasser (click for my response)

This was the most thought provoking book. I would make it mandatory for all teachers and students. The stories felt very real-and like "Buddha Boy" it really made me think about the whole clique thing and how hurtful it can be. It was tough as a teacher to think about because I really related to how helpless the teachers were, but how much blame they got for not having stopped things before they got that far. It would be simple if it was always clear who was the bully, and who got bullied, but it isn't! The factual information at the bottom of the pages about statistics on guns was fascinating and infuriating. I had NO idea how many kids are being killed by handguns each year! Two days after I read this, a six year old in southern Minnesota got the loaded gun from her father's bed table and shot her three year old brother and killed him.