Go and Come Back by Joan Abelove

I have mixed feelings about this book. It did a very good job of showing how so many cultural misunderstandings are the result of perception. For example, the American women save their supplies and plan out eating some each day. The Isabo share everything, eat when there is food and go hungry when there isn't. The Americans perceive the Isabo as irresponsible; the Isabo perceive the anthropologists as rude and stingy (the worst sin in their culture.)

That part I liked. I liked how we saw the same actions through different lenses. I liked how the characters grew. I really liked how people had to change a little to learn how to live together. I think part of what I didn't like was the style of writing. It used lots of Isabo words (liked) but didn't define them all (dislke). The Isabo seemed almost childish and simple and the anthropologists clueless. However, having said all that, I think this is a book you will find yourself thinking about for a long time. And what more can a book do?