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Chief Joseph
Chief Joseph

Welcome to I & S - US History!   When homework is assigned, students will have 5-7 days to complete the assignment.  Students can make arrangements with me for help during lunch, before school, or after school.

Homework for Qtr 1:

  • Homework Assignment #1Parents and students please discuss the course expectations and answer the questions on the syllabus together.  Responses can be sent by email or by returning the bottom portion of the syllabus page. If possible, responding with an email from a parent/guardian’s address, with the student’s name as the subject, would be really helpful for future communication.  The email or paper response is due by Tuesday 9/10!
  • Homework #2: 9-11 Homework was given to students on Wednesday 9-11 and was due on Tuesday 9/17.
  • Homework #3: Declaration of Independence & MLK Homework out on Wed 9/18 and due on Tuesday 9/24.              

No Homework out on Wed 9/25.  Students should prepare their Unit #1 Cornell Notes for the Note Check on Thursday 10/3 and study for the Unit test on Friday 10/4!

The first Unit #2 Homework is the Thomas Jefferson Essay Homework - Due Tuesday 10/15!